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SCORR Marketing Insightful Advantage

SCORR Marketing’s proven market intelligence sees straight to the core of your company to uncover insights that offer a realistic perspective on your current market position! Our cutting-edge team views your organization through a strategic lens to help you know your target audience, what they are looking for and how they perceive your brand. Not to mention, we always keep you up to date on what you need to understand industry trends and your competition, too.

SCORR’s market intelligence team is known for cutting through the clutter to provide you with a valuable 360-degree view of your organization. So grab your X-ray glasses and join us now as we take a deeper look inside your company!

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"What's the inside story?"

Internal Assessments

SCORR conducts a situational review with your internal leadership team to get to know your company, providing an analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats so we can develop a targeted marketing campaign that considers your company’s key characteristics.

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"Are your clients happy?"

Client Satisfaction

SCORR’s market intelligence team administers client satisfaction surveys, providing valuable qualitative and quantitative information that covers a variety of performance- and satisfaction-related metrics.

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"Why didn’t they choose you?"

Lost Opportunities

SCORR receives feedback from your lost opportunities to provide insight into what operational or reputational issues need to be addressed, as well as why former prospects ultimately chose to work with your competition.

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"Does your brand resonate?"

Perception Survey

In order to develop your marketing campaign strategy, SCORR conducts brand awareness and brand perception studies to gauge your brand's visibility and to identify what perceptions of your brand exist within your target market.

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"Do you stack up to the competition?"

Competitor Analysis

SCORR considers the marketing efforts of your primary competition, positioning your marketing campaign and maximizing your brand relative to these companies by identifying the most efficient tactics to optimize ongoing efforts.

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